The Best Places In Peru

Machu Picchu:

There are many places to see in Peru essential beyond the wonderful Machu Picchu, although we cannot deny that this alone justifies a trip to one of our favorite countries.

It is one of the most popular trips in South America, in which you will find Inca ruins, historic cities, the wild nature of the Amazon, incredible landscapes of valleys, deserts and beaches, along with one of the best in world cuisine, with ceviche as a star dish, which will make this trip exceed all your expectations.

Machu Picchu

Cuzco :

The amazement of this area is greater than your name and for the sake of the case, it doesn’t really matter. Its rich past has baptized it in many respects and its writing is accepted in many ways. From the beginning he had written different things because his initial nomenclature was Quechua and then necessarily Castilian.

There are some things that will inevitably be part of your journey, such as the hundreds of cobbled streets with stories to tell, the craft markets, the stone from the twelve angles, the large cathedral and several churches that will cross your path. However, these are just some of the most advisable things to do when navigating in the city:

San Blas


Museo natural

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