Diving with Pigs and Sharks in the Bahamas

I never imagined that one can swim with pigs and much less with sharks just thinking about it would scare me a little.

Planning my trip, I thought I could go swimming with pigs and sharks at Exuma, an extraordinary Bahamian island surrounded by some of the world’s most translucent waters.

Passing through Exuma seemed nice to me and diving with the swimming pigs would be fun, but with sharks, I doubted it. I assume I didn’t like the idea very much. In the end I decided to do it because I really wanted to go to Exuma and of course, diving with pigs and sharks in the Bahamas is a unique lifestyle. Besides, it had to seem like such an activity was safe, at least it wouldn’t offer it.

Swimming with pigs and sharks in the Bahamas:

What I didn’t know was that the event could start even before it reached the sharks.

Favorably the boat left the dock and the music sounded: “Bahamas, Bahamas…” The people on board started drinking, dancing, chatting and laughing. I was assuming a burst of happiness.

The captain stopped from time to time in some places to expose the islands deprived of celebrities.

In an instant the guide jumped into the water to catch some shells to prepare as an aperitif for us. the time was perfect and to anticipate prevention, the water changed color: blue, dark blue, light blue, turquoise blue … I was curious how many shades of blue there could be?

Agua de las Bahamas
water changed color in the Bahamas

Diving with Pigs

Dozens of pigs of all sizes and colors lived on the island

Pigs in the Bahamas

One usually sees pigs with mud and dirt, but here they are roaming freely on the untouched beach or floating in the crystal clear blue water. How they managed to come to the island is unknown, but Exuma’s swimming pigs are in a piece of paradise.

Diving with sharks in the Bahamas.

When the boat located and saw sharks diving back and forth under our boat. It was the first time I had noticed a shark and I couldn’t believe it existed there not only to see them, but also to interact with them.

Interact with sharks

foreigners who aspire to go shark swimming at Compass Cay have to pay an entertainment fee of US$10. I walked to the pier and saw dozens of sharks. I couldn’t believe it.

At first I was quiet on the dock without talking honestly about the number and size of the sharks. Some of them were very big! At that time I ducked and started pampering. Nurse sharks are harmless, but they are not vegetarian.

Diving with sharks in the Bahamas.

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