Best Beaches to Vacation in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: Punta Cana has many beautiful beaches so you should visit one of them, then one of the best beaches in Punta Cana.

Playa El Cortecito:

When I got to that beach, I seemed to have arrived in heaven. Even though it is Atlantic, the colour of the sea is an intense blue turquoise, transparent…. The hot water temperature…. Exceptional waves…. White fine sand…. Thousands of sun loungers under palm trees… And to top off this paradise, a splendid weather and sunshine, accompanied by a light breeze. Punta Cana beaches were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1990.

El Cortecito Beach is also one of the best known in the Dominican Republic, mainly because of its white sand and crystal clear waters in the turquoise hue.

In addition, in the forest of the coconut tree and in the practice and practice of water sports in the area, as well as in the starting point to reach the other beaches of the place.

Playa Dorada:

In the region of Puerto Plata, you will find Playa Dorada. In No. 3 of our list is the ideal place for your idea of a day at the beach includes activities and nautical sports. It is the perfect place to practice surfing. There is also an infinite variety of hotels and resorts where you can be sure that you are going to spend a luxury holiday.

Playa Dorada now has 3 million employees, 3 million hotel rooms and 1,500 real estate rooms. It also have a total of 8 hotel resorts and real estate developments, flats and condominiums, for those who are interested in the residence, whether they are foreigners or Creole.

The visitor has in Playa Dorada sports facilities ranging from tennis, basketball, horse back riding and horseback riding to almost all existing water sports, such as jet skiing, catamaran, Banana Boat, and more.

Cayo Levantado:

Cayo grew up is by its white sand and by the large amount of vegetation that rises to its environment. It is also well known as the island of Bacardi, and all those who visit it, it feels like it has reached the island of fantasy.

He sees just a picture of her, it’s a time for us. It is so you can enjoy the sun, the sand and the warm waters and the color of the Dominican beach.

Before you go there, you can enjoy the charm of the Samana Mountains, as well as the way you can sample the local produce of agricultural produce: coffee, cocoa, coconuts and much more.

It is the perfect place to turn it into white sands, crystal clear waters and humid forest zones, the fact of doing so in this place, the property of a place in the country.

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